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Prolific Life Support Network of the Carolinas


A unique organization which aims to improve mental health and emotional well being by providing a myriad of supports and resources to live successfully.


Prolific Life was developed by individuals with educational, professional, personal, empathetic background and compassion, whose goal is to share their mastery with others.


We strive for life fulfillment without limits. Our services rendered are based upon needs identified but not addressed. We strive to assist individuals, families and communities with establishing the skills, resources and services to fulfill all life aspirations. 


Mental Health Awareness, Education, and Treatment

Helping you to become a better You

Prolific Life strives for life fulfillment. In order to address your needs and concerns you must first be aware. Licensed Skilled Professionals are on board to educate and provide therapeutic services pertaining to mental health and emotional well being.  Support groups, seminars and educational resource tools will also be provided to ensure our consumers are active participants in all services rendered.

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Consultation Services

Equipping you with the tools for success

Job training skills, resume building, and tools for overall life development will be provided for those in need. Mental health training courses for staff members, compliance regulations, documentation and cultural awareness. Seek our expertise to enhance you personal, community and professional growth. Let Prolific Life SNC assist you.


Community Resources

Meeting your basic needs

Prolific Life aims to provide supportive services necessary for individuals, families, and communities to thrive. With a vast knowledge of area resources and supports, our team assists with ensuring our services provide the tools for success. Allow us to coordinate and establish resources to address psychosocial needs and overall quality of life.


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